Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well, I got my new Navigon 2100 GPS system in today. My husband let me overnight it so we would have it for our trip to Brownfield today. I am so stinkin' excited!!! It is s cool. I input our house, my parents, and his parents. It can get louder as I speed up. It lets me know if I am going too fast. It even has a 3D image of complicated intersections. I can't wait to use it today!!! I'm not sure if the voice will be a male or a female. So, I came up with two names. Stella if it is a girl voice and Issac if it is a boy voice. Stella is just fun and Issac is in honor of my hula dancer, Issac Mahi-Mahi, from my VW Beetle. I will let you know what it is! I may not be able to write this weekend. We will be with Jason's family in Brownfield.
I am so excited about seeing all of them! They just opened a family fun center with a cool pool there. I'm sure we will be going there at least once. We will also get to meet Jason's new cousin Gavin! Bonnie and Ryan had their baby boy last month. I am excited to meet thier cutie. I will let you know all about the trip.
God bless.


JMMSchoenfield said...

GPS's are awesome. I borrowed my parents TomTom to go to Dallas and it was a lifesaver!

Amy Holifield said...

When you get mad at your gps, you have to yell "STELLA!!" just like brando!