Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's A Girl!

Well, of course I'm talking about my GPS! Her name is Stella. She is great fun. We had such a good time in Brownfield. I will put up pictures of us with Gavin our new cousin, but we are calling him nephew, later. On the way back, I talked Jason into taking me by IKEA. Let's just say we have found our new favorite store!!! If you haven't have to go!!! I'm pretty sure we are going to buy all presents from there in the future. We found great things for the house and our classrooms.
Here is another trip tid-bit. Well, we were traveling down the highway going through Clyde, TX. I casually glanced at the windows of the Goodwill, as I always do. Now, the Goodwill was beside the highway, but there was a lane, a median, an access road, and a parking lot between us. I said, oh, that looks like a good Goodwill. Oh, hey, they have one of those papasan chairs I have been wanting. Well of course we went to look at it. They had not one but two. No, I only got one! But, it was only $13!!!!! That is compared to the 80-100 you would pay in the store. I am now going to go to Peir One to see if there is a cushion for it on sale, if not, I did discover a way to make my own cushion for it online. Now, for those of you who don't know, a papasan chair is one of those way rad circle chairs. It is made of bamboo like stuff and the big bowl swivels around on its base. I am super excited. Jason is still in unbelief that I can't see words on the TV but I could see a papasan chair from the highway.
I am excited because we are going to get to see baby Gavin again soon. They are coming this weekend!! But, that does mean I have to get the house clean. So, that should be fun. Anyway, more later. I will keep you updated on the papasan cushion situation. I hope all is well wherever you are.
God bless


The Holik's said...

Put a picture of the chair on here!! I am confused of course!!

Kelly Sellers said...

hey jacque. it's kelly. just wanted to let you know it took me this long to find you :). i must have been out of the loop, but anyways, you're officially a link on my page now! :) haha. glad things are going good for you and i got a gps too. it's a magellan so her name is Madge. it fits! anyways, see ya around :).

Mariano Madness said...

hey sis! saw you on cassandras blog & thought I would say hey!! Congrats on your great find and on your new "little girl!" Hope all is well!!