Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today is the day!!!

It is finally here! This morning I will go in and have a surgery that will change my life. I will now be forced to eat better. I WILL lose weight. I will become the me I have always wanted to be. I'm excited for me, but I'm also excited for Jason. He has had to take care of a sick wife our whole marriage. I am hoping this surgery helps my fibromyalgia. I know it will give me more energy. I know I will have to feel at least some better with all the excess weight off.

Today is the day that starts the rest of my life.
Dear God, thank you so much for your unending love. Thank you for bringing this day to fruition. You are the God of healing. I pray for a supernatural healing after this surgery. I pray you be with my surgeon, nurses and all the doctors taking care of me this morning. I pray you watch over all of my friends and family who are thinking of me today. Please give them the peace about this surgery you have given me. I pray that this surgery will enable me to further your kingdom in whatever way you have planned. Keep me in the center of Your will Lord. Let me focus on you when I struggle. Let me rely on you for all that I need. I praise your name God! In your Holy name I pray. Amen.


Kris said...

I'm praying for you girly! Trying to figure out what room they will put you in, but your hubby has not answered my text...I mean why not? It's not like he's busy or anything.:)
Kudos to you for taking this big step. Your team will be here for you the whole way.