Monday, December 21, 2009

The Night Before Surgery...

Twas the night before surgery and all through our home,

We were nervous and excited, I'm glad I'm not alone.
Well, here it is. The night before my life changes forever. Man, that is weird. Tomorrow I will have the first surgery of my life. It will change my life forever. It will help to make the physical changes to my body that I have been trying to make since the 4th grade. I will lose not just weight, but also the main thing that holds me back from being all I want to be. I will have a renewed energy. I will be able to not worry about fat people stuff. What is fat people stuff you ask?
Not shopping in regular stores or sections.
Not fitting into booths or theater seats.
Bumping into things because your hips are too wide.
Bearing weight on joints that were made to hold much, much less weight.
Not being able to share clothes with friends.
I am so ready. I know it will not all change tomorrow. But, tomorrow is the beginning of the change. I love beginnings. They signal a new and exciting change in our lives. They inspire hope and perseverance.
I have not felt this covered in prayer since I went to Russia on the mission trip. It is an overwhelmingly comforting feeling to know everyone I love is praying for me. I know my God will protect and heal me. I know I have people around me to love me and support me. I am so excited to see what this new beginning will bring. I look forward to writing many exciting things on this blog in the future.